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Little River Band

The Little River Band has been a constant on the music scene around the world since 1975 when they broke out of Australia thanks to an eight-month spree including three top 20 hits and two top ten albums. They got their start touring with the likes of Queen, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles and Santana, thus truly getting an education on great music and great performances.

Sweeping, glistening, layered harmonies are the strength of Little River Band, and are still the most important part of the bandís music. Thanks to superb musicians, each of their performances is impeccable, and fans have grown to revere them for this. Their hits include the eight-and-a-half minute epic ìItís a Long Way There,î ìHelp Is on Its Way,î ìJust Reminiscing,î ìLove Is A Bridge,î "Lady," "'Lonesome Loser," "Cool Change" and "Night Owls." Over 10 million records sold worldwide. LRB is Ba

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