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Mickey Gilley

Mickey Gilley has accomplished what most artists only dream of a long and fulfilling career marked by loyal fans and financial success. Mickey has stayed current with the times while knowing what not to change. He has treated his fans with the same respect throughout the years, maintained his consistent high quality performances, selected classic songs that withstood the fickleness of trends, and tapped into business opportunities with an uncanny foresight. The landmark Texas nightclub that he helped create in 1971 is the perfect case in point.

Even as he was helping to build the original Gilley's Club into the landmark honky-tonk of the century, Mickey was also launching an incredible career as an entertainer and recording artist. He achieved a remarkable 39 Top Ten country hits, with 17 of those songs reaching the #1 spot. In 1976 he swept the ACM Awards hauling home trophies for the Entertainer of the Year, Top Male Vocalist, Song of the Year, Single of the Year and album of the year.

Just as he was a pioneer with country dance clubs, Mickey was among the first entertainers to recognize the potential of the Ozarks music mecca when he opened up his Branson theater in 1990 and later expanded by opening Gilley's Texas Café right next door.

And Mickey is still lighting up the stage. "I make sure my business and my life are set up so I can get the most enjoyment out of the things I love. The thing I love most is getting on stage and performing a great show for people."

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