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Charlie Daniels

The Charlie Daniels Band was formed around 1973 and has cranked out more than 35 albums of solid music. The range of style has hit everything from disco to bluegrass, and philosophy from polytheism to straight out of the Bible, God-fearing gospel. No matter the philosophy of the man that fronts the band, he has been as straightforward and vocal about his beliefs as a man can be, and you sure can't knock him for it.

The best known song the band made to date won a CMA and a Grammy award in 1979, and is still their signature song. The Devil Went Down To Georgia brought the band into popular music, and told the story of a young man who beat the devil in a fiddling contest. Charlie rosined up his bow and played his fiddle hard for that song and has done it over 200 a times a year every year since in concert.

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