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Frankie Pace

Every so often a character surfaces that seems to touch the hearts of viewers, and much as Charlie Chaplin, and Red Skelton made their audiences love them, so today is a comic named Frankie Pace affecting people.

It is rare that a comedian has this much fun making others have fun. Frankie Pace's humor tends to be silly, but it's infectious, reflecting his enjoyment of his comedic art. He's relaxed, and works the crowd with confidence.

His haphazard approach is refreshing and it accentuates both his simple gags and his friendly personality. To attempt to define him is disastrous. A stand-up comic, he is the direct antithesis of everything a stand-up comic is supposed to be. We can label him an impressionist, but that's too easy. He does impressions, but they are impressions of people and things no one in his right mind would think of doing. Who goes around imitating a CB radio channel, a lawn sprinkler or the first astronaut to sneeze during a spacewalk?

Frankie is a genius when it comes to creativity, spontaneity and improvisation. He takes ordinary, simple objects and creates illusions both amusing and fascinating. His characters represent a wide range of roles, from comedic to the very serious. At one point, Pace suddenly and mysteriously begins to radiate a whiff of Chaplin. He is sad and we are laughing. It is an extraordinary piece of business, we are laughing with tears in our eyes, identifying with every one of his characters and reveling in the total enjoyment of his set.

As a writer, he has a talent for what can spark emotion from gut level. One of the nicest things about Frankie's talent is that he utilizes material that any censor would love, and in this day and age that is truly an accomplishment.

Frankie has been seen on my television shows including, Saturday Night Live, The Late Show with Joan Rivers, Comedy Tonight, and has performed in many distinguished rooms throughout the United States, appearing with such luminaries as Whoopie Goldberg and Robin Williams

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