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Jerrery Porro

A great speech doesn’t just engage the mind, It opens eyes, touches hearts and awakens the spirit. A great speech starts with you, a speaker who’s willing to share some of him- or herself – personal history, a cherished cause, a point of view that defies conventional wisdom. It comes to life when you find a writer with the skill to weave an argument, the talent to capture a voice and the empathy to evoke the speaker’s passion.

That’s the kind of speechwriters we are. If you work with us, we’ll help craft the words and articulate the vision you need to move your audience. Like the other corporate, government and nonprofit leaders who’ve hired us, you’ll find your next speech can be a great one, too.

We have written speeches for CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, government leaders, and presidents of some of the nation's leading trade and professional associations.

Jeffrey Porro, Principal

Jeffrey Porro holds a Ph.D. in political science from U.C.L.A. and has been involved in public policy in Washington, D.C., since 1976. Before starting his own business in 1991, he was an associate editor of Teacher Magazine, an assistant editor of the National Academy of Sciences' Issues in Science and Technology, and an OpEd and speechwriter for People for the American Way. Jeff has also served as a Senate staffer and a State Department official.

Jeff has written speeches for a wide variety of CEOs of corporations, scientific and trade associations, and professional societies (plus a young woman from Survivor’) that have won rave reviews from key audiences. Since 2002, he has ghosted OpEds for executives of corporations and nonprofits that have been published in more than 60 major regional and national publications, including the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. He has also written Web content, press releases, newspaper ads, press kits, and annual reports for public interest and corporate clients. He was senior vice president of M&R Strategic Services, a Washington, D.C., communications firm, from 1999 to 2002

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