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Elaine Boosler

Boosler is one of the busiest and most popular comedians touring the country today. She got her start in the business in the '70s when Andy Kaufman happened to catch her filling in at the music and comedy club where she waited tables and convinced her that she should do standup comedy. As the very first young, unmarried, dressed-up-for-a-date female comedian, she was an instant success with audiences. Also, in the '80s, Boosler began splitting her time between touring and writing for television. Some of her television credits include the Rodney Dangerfield special It Ain't Easy Being Me, Disney Goes to the Oscars and The Shape of Things, an NBC series. During the summer of 1995, she wrote city-by-city customized material for Barbra Streisand to use on her tour. Boosler devotes much of her time and effort during the year to fundraising for causes including Tony LaRussa's ARF, an animal rescue operation in Oakland, CA; the SPCA; and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

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