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Rick Sammon

Life Lessons We Can Learn

From Mother Nature

A motivational talk by Rick Sammon

Rick Sammon has traveled the globe for more than 30 years gathering photographs, stories, anecdotes and information for his 34 books. He has been to more than 100 destinations on the planet, including the Arctic, Antarctica, Africa, Bhutan, Brazil, Cambodia, Galapagos, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and Vietnam – focusing his camera and writing skills on different cultures, on different subjects in the animal kingdom, and on the wonders of nature’s landscapes.

In his presentation (from his book of the same title), Life Lessons We Can Learn From Mother Nature, Rick uses his photography and travel anecdotes to illustrate his message of the possibilities in personal achievement, taking chances, teamwork, working independently, personal transformation, never giving up, setting goals, and handling disappointments as well as successes (to name a few). Rick leaves the audience with the feeling: “If he can do it I can do it,” which is Rick’s goal.

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