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Dr Terry Grossman

Terry Grossman, MD World’s Leading Medical Authority on Anti-Aging and Life Extension Speaking Topics Radically Increase Your Lifespan By Slowing the Aging Process • Reduce the chance of natural death to virtually zero • The many factors that cause you to age too quickly • Detect ALL types of cancer at the earliest treatable stages • Alter genetic and genomic predispositions to disease • Stem cell therapies available today • Optimize lifestyle choices to live long enough to live forever • Hormone optimization to maximize health • Exercise programs for life extension • How the coming biotech and nanotech revolutions will change everything Dr. Terry Grossman will not only entertain your audience, but also motivate them to make life-changing decisions in order to live forever. Dr. Grossman is a seasoned and popular public speaker who delivers the following qualities in his public appearances: • Customizes his speeches to complement each audience he addresses • Provides his audience with practical, at-home action plans to restore their youthfulness and live longer • Translates complex topics such as biotechnology and genetics into easy-to-understand anti-aging strategies • A captivating story-teller • Humorous and down-to-earth • Inspires people to embrace the idea of longer life “Humanity stands on the verge of radical increases in longevity.” - Dr. Terry Grossman

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