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Maureen McGovern

Maureen McGovern, whose career spans over 30 years, includes recordings, concerts, Broadway, films, television and radio, with a voice that defies categorization. From a jazzy, warm pop register, Maureen glides easily into a crystalline coloratura. It is no wonder she has been called, "The Stradivarius Voice." Her appearances with America's most prestigious symphony orchestras are highlighted by duets with orchestra members in which her voice matches the tonal quality and dexterity of various instruments. She has earned a reputation for being one of America's most popular artists.

To quote Mel Torme, "Maureen McGovern is, quite simply, the most glorious singer to come down the pike in several months of Sundays. Possessed of one of the finest vocal instruments in the world, with a range that hasn't been matched since Yma Sumac stunned us all decades ago, and the ability to softly breathe into a lyric or "read" the words in a clear, strong voice, perfectly in tune, she is positively daunting to the parade of soubrettes who wish they could sing like Maureen McGovern. Add the fact that she is the loveliest of them all in form and face, and it is easy to understand why she is a world-class performer."

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