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Jim Stafford

In 1974, Jim wrote and recorded his first chart making song, ìThe Swamp Witchî, produced by his boyhood friend Kent LaVoie (of Lobo). He followed with a gold single, ìSpiders and Snakesî, which stayed on the American pop charts for 26 weeks. The hits just kept coming and included ìMy Girl Billî, ìWildwood Weedî, and the wonderfully satirical ìCow Pattiî, written for the Clint Eastwood movie, Any Which Way You Can, in which Jim starred.

Jim launched his television career with The Jim Stafford Show on ABC in 1975. His numerous television appearances included music specials, variety shows, and talk shows. He co-hosted the popular prime-time show Those Amazing Animals with Burgess Meredith and Priscilla Presley. Jim also hosted 56 episodes of Nashville on the Road and made 26 appearances on the Tonight Show. He has hosted many major awards programs, including four True Value/GMC Truck Country Showdowns. In 1987 and 1988, Jim was a regular performer and head writer/producer for the Emmy-nominated Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. He has also worked with Joan Rivers, Tina Turner, Sammy Davis Jr., Bruce Springsteen, and many others.

Jim wrote many of the songs for which he is famous and has brought his inimitable style to several movie soundtracks. He received a gold record for his work in the Disney movie, The Fox and The Hound, and writes for other popular artists such as his ìCanít Get The Hell Out of Texasî, recorded by George Jones and Jerry Reed. Recently Jim has written and recorded such songs as ìDonít Tell Mama Iím A Guitar Pickerî, ìDonít Be Chicken When Itís Time To Crowî, ìTalk That Guitarî, ìShaka, Shakaî and more.

Jimís first love has always been to perform in front of a live audience. This love brought him to Branson, Missouri, where he owns a theater and entertains visitors all year long. The singer, songwriter, comic-genius, and entertainer extraordinaire is self-taught on guitar, fiddle, piano, banjo, organ, harmonica, and the human brain - and he might bring any of them into play at any moment. Blimps whirl, flying saucers hover, guitars drop, cows stampede, chickens dance, tornados touch down, and Chihuahuas are saved, all in one experience at the Jim Stafford Show. From the opening moments of his zany show youíre in for an action-packed adventure and some incredible guitar playing. Laser lights, a real 3-D Virtual Thrill Ride (created and developed in-house at Jimís theater), black-light magic and more are just a few of the deliriously delightful surprises that await you at the Jim Stafford Theatre. Jim arrived in Branson in 1990 and has entirely remodeled his theater in a unique art deco style, reminiscent of the great theaters of the 40ís and 50ís. From the award-winning landscaping to the lighting and sound, Jimís theater adds to the complete enjoyment of his visitors. Join Jim on a roller coaster ride of music and laughter all year long. Performing over 350 shows a year, itís true that a visit to Jim Staffordís wonderfully funny world is the adventure of a lifetime!


Jim Stafford, his wife, Ann, and their two children, Sheaffer and GG, live just outside of Branson, on Table Rock Lake. Ann is a behind the scenes creative and business partner. Sheaffer, who has joined his father on stage since he was 10 days old, is a favorite as Bransonís Littlest Musician. Sheaffer plays the drums; slide guitar, fiddle, and piano during the show. Jim calls Sheaffer a ìchip off the old blockî. Jimís daughter, GG (Georgia Garland) also joins her father on stage for most shows. Jim was born in Winterhaven, Florida and was recently inducted into the Polk County (Florida) Hall of Fame. In high school, Jim and his friends, Kent LaVoie and Gram Parsons (of the Byrds), formed a band called Legends and performed with Jumpiní Bill Carlisle. As a resident star in Ozark Mountain Country Jim is involved in many different civic and charitable organizations. While writing, producing, directing, and performing his own show, Jim has twice received the Area Appreciation award for his service to the Tri-Lakes Community (1992 & 1997). Along with this, Jim hosted, co-wrote, and produced the nationally syndicated radio show, Branson USA; received the Mayflower Tours, Inc. award as one of their top ten suppliers in North America; co-wrote the script for the show Patsy; and wrote and produced the new musical theme of the Ozarks Discovery IMAXÆ Theater in Branson entitled Neighbors. Recently Jimís play Neighborhood Watch premiered on the Springfield Little Theatre stage and ran for a season in Branson. Jim and his wife Ann received the coveted Ambassadors Award from the Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and led the drive to extend Branson to a year round destination in a promotion called ìHot Winter Funî. Jim says of his life on Table Rock Lake, ìEvery day in Branson is a wonderful day, if you donít think so, just try skipping oneÖItís exciting having the opportunity to do what I enjoy the most and be a part of a wonderful community like Branson!î

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