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James Gregory

"James Gregory is in a class all by himself...his humor transcends all barriers; social, economical, racial or whatever." (Entertainment Magazine)

"Gregory is a legend...each time you see him, he'll be better than the time before, that can be said of only a very few entertainers." (Austin-American Statesman) "No one does it better... picking up small details and vignettes of American Life and finding absurdity in them, this is vintage Gregory." (Savannah Free-Press)

"Not until James Gregory takes the stage does the room erupt. From the moment he opens his mouth the crowd is with him. It is an exquisitely timed performance." (Weekend Magazine)

"He's funny, he's zany, his routines are hilarious...he could read the phone book and make it funny." (The Nashville Banner)

"James Gregory doesn't take the stage, he takes the room. You know from the outset that he's taken control...all this Georgia boy has to do to get a laugh is just stand there and clear his throat, the audience has fallen in love with him before he delivers the first line." (The Seattle Times)

"To call this man a Southern comedian would be an insult to his genius...he can get more laughs from the set-up than most can get from a punch line." (The Daily Texan)

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