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Scary Guy

The Scary Guy™ contends that prejudice of any ilk undermines the very strength of our constitutionally promised right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by all citizens regardless of race, religion, or country of origin.

The Scary Guy is an Entertainer and an "Agent For Change" who has worked with over 5 MILLION people around the world promoting peace, tolerance, love and acceptance OF ALL PEOPLE, through his mission of "Eliminating Hate, Violence and Prejudice Worldwide". He has been featured in over 1700 articles, 700 radio interviews and hundreds of television shows worldwide about his many innovative programs, tailored for all ages and education levels.

Scary™, The New Face Of Love™, is a POWERFUL force to inspire audiences to take pride in themselves and join in pursuing this almost impossible goal. He is an absolutely unique character and cannot be duplicated. His presence shocks people into an awed state of attention. His message is then delivered to a rapt and receptive audience.

Price Range: Please inquire.

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