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Nick Lewin

Nick Lewin has come a long, long way since he started performing magic tricks as a kid in London, England. What got him hooked on magic in the first place? "

When I was eleven, like most kids I read a book on Houdini and dreamed of becoming a magician". Unlike most kids, though, Nick's fascination with magic never wavered, but instead it grew and grew. "At sixteen, my career as a professional magician began on a Greek cruise ship.

"While I lived in England I performed at charity events for royalty including Princess Alice, Lady Churchill and Princess Margaret, and the nearly royal like J. Paul Getty." Eventually the time came for Nick to leave England ("I left when I realized that I was never going to become King" he quips) and head to California, USA.

"I immigrated and became a member of the prestigious Magic Castle, performing every type of magic from close up to illusion. The Castle in the mid seventies was a mecca of magic, and I performed card tricks for Ingrid Bergman, Goldie Hawn, Tony Curtis and many others."

Nick's big break came when "I appeared on the Merv Griffin Show, live from Las Vegas, performing the linking finger rings. I shared a dressing room with Garry Shandling! Next I appeared on Merv's show in Hollywood and soon after I got a contract at the Los Angeles Playboy Club for a year.

Nick's act has taken him around the world at least five times while working for the major cruise lines. "One of my most memorable experiences was in Bermuda when I performed for a Saudi Arabian prince on his private yacht. There were only 35 guests and the other acts were Reba McEntire and Ronn Lucas."

"Another personal highlight was performing with Nancy and Ronald Reagan at a variety show for Viet Nam War veterans, produced by Ross Perot in Century City. Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett and Edgar Bergen were on the bill too; Michael Landon gave the innovation and Ronald Reagan followed my act!"

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