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Latoya Jackson

Through roads not traveled and ones intentionally walked and yet some forced, La Toya Jackson courageously breaks away and celebrates her re-emergence with her appropriately titled CD, Startin' Over. From the calm of Gary, Indiana where she was born, to the charm of Europe, and back to the penetrating spotlight of Hollywood, La Toya has been exposed to entertainment, cultural experiences, human interaction, family, business and success. She's passionate, spontaneous, fun, a perfectionist, and energetic and yes, she's Startin' Over.

La Toya has not only become a role model, but through her climb to the top, seeming effortless, her latest single "Just Wanna Dance" becomes this summer's Top 15 Billboard Dance hit. All this came about when La Toya signed with JA-TAIL Records and spent countless months recording over 25 songs and selecting 14 of them for her new CD.

JA-TAIL Records calls the emerging of La Toya "a long anticipated wave waiting to ride." After several months, looking for producers who could truly share her passion and motivation,

La Toya decides, "this is it, this is the time; my time.">p>

Price Range: Please inquire.

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