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Amy Borkowski

First, there was Amy*s highly-praised CD . . . "Thanks to this CD [Amy's Answering Machine], full-grown and perfectly independent adults whose mothers worry about them as if they were still children can find comfort in the fact that they are not alone." - The New York Times "Laugh your head off...hilarious!" - Cosmopolitan

Now, in her first book which immediately became a Denver Post bestseller and reached the #1 position on Amazon in May 2002, Amy Borkowsky shares more than a decade*s worth of maddening actual phone messages from her hilariously overprotective mother. The book features messages from the CD plus several available for the first time. Amy also reveals the stories behind the calls and provides humorous rebuttals to the messages that helped her go from being an overprotected daughter and award-winning ad exec to being an overprotected daughter with a standup act, hit CD and now the very entertaining hardcover original,

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