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The Smothers Bros

They have been considered ahead of their time, masters of timing and practitioners of timeless comedy. Now as they mark over 35 years in show business, the Smothers Brothers are being saluted as time-honored legends whose lengthy career has surpassed all other comedy teams in history.

Pioneers of comedy and sibling rivals to the core, Tom and Dick Smothers can bring a smile to nearly anyoneís face. Their singing and jabbering, with a bit of yo-yo-ing in between is a show not to be missed. As the longest-lived comedy team in history, the Smothers Brothers have built a career based upon irony. How could two brothers be such rivals and yet come together show after show to work as a top comedy team? Tom & Dickís irreverent musical humor, packed with sly satire and subtle political commentary grew from a show that consisted of simple folk tunes. But their between songs banter, poking fun at each other and nearly everything else, sprouted into a full-fledged comedy show.

The pair began by recording albums with serious music on one side, comical songs on the flip, like The Two Sides of the Smothers Brothers. Soon they left the serious songs off and released nothing but tongue in cheek hits like ìJenny Brownî and ìCivil War Song.î The duo also performed on TV in ìThe Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour,î but after several successful seasons their act proved to controversial for television. Thatís when the Brothers hit the road on tour.

Price Range: $35,000 to $45,000

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