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Jack Swersie

If there is a shortage of SPAM on the local supermarket shelves, blame it on comedian Jack Swersie!

"3.8 cans of spam are consumed in the U.S. every second. How can you go wrong having fun with a product so near and dear to the hearts of 60 millions Americans?" Swersie says.

Jack Swersie is the comedian best known to concert-goers and TV viewers across the national as "that guy with the can of SPAM." On the national concert circuit, Swersie has built a reputation as a "best bet" or a headliner's opening act. According to Swersie, he has accomplished this feat thanks in part to his fascination with SPAM luncheon meat.

"Lots of performers tell jokes and a few can even juggle. I'm the only guy who does it with an apple, a machete and a can of SPAM". Swersie says.

Comedian Jack Swersie presents a virtual barrage of non-stop stand-up comedy performed with a consistently upbeat and endearing style. His talents have allowed this clever entertainer to tour the grandest theatres throughout the country, warming up hundreds of audiences for over 50 major stars! His striking brand of showmanship has taken him to the sophisticated audiences of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He's headlined scores of corporate and convention dates, and has made guest appearances on national television shows!

....."I am always amazed at the ease Jack has in warming up our audiences. He is a top-notch entertainer, a class act, a pleasure to work with!".....Perry Como

"Jack Swersie is a sure fire concert act and a true crowd pleaser!"......Neil Sedaka

You may find it hard to believe that one of America's hottest opening acts on today's concert circuit attributes a good deal of his success to SPAM - but not if you've experienced Jack Swersie and his unconventional brand of comedy

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