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Brian Gillis

The sexy duo of Brian Gillis & Sisuepahn have been fascinating audiences with a mind-blowing blend of mental acrobatics, mind-power demonstrations and physical feats that defy the laws of physics. Their show is highly interactive; fast-paced, frighteningly mystifying and punctuated with perfectly timed comedy. The impact is powerful, the wonder is unsettling and the laughter is nonstop.

Both Brian & Sisuepahn come from magical roots. Inspired by his preternaturally accurate and entertaining fortune telling grandmother, Brian took up magic as a hobby while acquiring degrees & teaching Psychology in college. He eventually apprenticed under the late, great Eddie Fechter, a man considered to be one of the greatest close-up magical entertainers of our time. "Ma" Gillis, circa 1949

Eddie Fechter, circa 1974 With his move to Hollywood, Brian almost instantly acquired an impressive list of credits including film and television roles; several Tonight Show appearances, numerous Magic and Mentalism specials and high profile events such as entertaining at the Olympics and for the sequestered OJ Simpson jury.

A ten-time nominee for Magician of the Year by the famed Academy of Magical Arts (Academy Awards of Magic), Brian was named "World's Best Close-Up Magician for the New Millennium" on the television special The World Magic Awards.

Laotian born Sisuepahn combines the sexy image of Lucy Liu with the fast paced comedy of Jackie Chan to add an exotic Oriental mystique and intoxicating charm to every performance. As a young girl in her remote village of Southeast Asia, Sisuepahn displayed a natural flair for playfully baffling and perplexing many of her friends and relatives. After moving to America, she quite by chance (or fate) met Brian at a traffic light in LA. When the light turned green, an extraordinary new relationship was born. Recognizing her natural abilities, Brian enlisted the aid of the great mentalist Eddie Fields (now deceased) to help showcase her innate talents.

Eddie Fields at age 83 After thousands of hours of assiduous rumination and research, Sisuepahn has mastered mind-power / body-magic techniques that have not been witnessed in over a century.

Brian and Sisuepahn work from outside the realm of traditional magic or mentalism. They don't use props. They achieve dimension to the show by virtue of the fact that they actively involve various audience members in their demonstrations. They have created a show that is as strong in intimate settings as it is in a full Vegas showroom; a show that is designed for a new generation of enlightened audiences who love to be challenged, entertained, seduced and provoked.

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