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John Byner

John starred for the UPN Network in the role of Ed Sullivan for The Virtual Ed Sullivan Show.He is pleased to have been chosen to portray Ed Sullivan since Ed invited John to be a guest in The Ed Sullivan Show 17 times! Also John guest starred in many comedy shows.

John's prior series Comedy On The Road ran for 4 years on the able Network and won him his 2nd ACE Award.His 1st ACE Award was received for is show Bizarre that ran for 6 years on Showtime and later syndicated.

John played the role of Cotton Dunn in Silk Stalkings for both CBS and USA networks and hosted shows for the A&E Cable network.

He will be remembered for the role of Detective Donahue in the comedy soap opera played for laughs "Soap".John also co starred with Shari Lewis in a Lamb Chop Special for PBS May 4,1987 John Byner filmed 5 episodes of the syndicated game show "Hollywood Squares" that were shown in 1st run syndication June 1,2,3,4,and 5,1987 John is a friend of Don Adams of Get Smart fame.

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