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Born in January 15 (Year is up for dispute some say 1942, some say 1952) in Murcia, Spain, Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza or Charo as she is known to millions is a multi-talented singer, dancer, comedienne, actress, and award-winning classical guitarist who trained under Andres Segovia. She was discovered early in her life by famed bandleader Xavier Cugat who promptly married her. She has spanned the decades bringing joy to everyone who sees her or listens to her music. Her trademarked "cuchi, cuchi" comes from her nickname for her dog from childhood. Charo says: "I was 3 years old and I had a dog called Cuchillo, and when Cuchillo was happy he wiggled. When I was very young I copied him and I used to say 'como Cuchi, como Cuchi' - like Cuchi, like Cuchi. Everybody thought that it was very cute when I wiggled and say cuchi-cuchi, and they give me cookies and candy. Now, every time I say cuchi-cuchi, people give me money."

For the last decade or so, Charo had lived with her second husband Kjell and their son in Hawaii performing regularly at the Outrigger Hotel. Now that her son has grown up, Charo has returned to Los Angeles to get back into show biz full time. You can see her often on Hollywood Squares as well as every year on Jerry Lewis' MDA Telathon.

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