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David Ball

From New York to California, wherever traditional country music lives, David Ball is an icon. His unique voice, his singular style, and his ability to sear your heart with his smoldering lyrics keep the David Ball faithful seeking more.

So the really good news from this year's fan club party is a new album, Amigo. Thirteen tracks of great David Ball music ..... coming soon!

Fan club members, gathered under the shelter at Azalea Park in the Berry Hill section of Nashville, sampled the new music and shared in a picnic and camaraderie on Monday before Fan Fair 2001. And they took home advance copies of the Texas flavored album!

Despite the less-than-stellar harmony of a nearby construction crane, David and his acoustic guitar grabbed the group and didn't let go. As one fan yelled, "Don't worry about that racket, David, we only hear you!"

Two of my favorites from the new album are "Texas Echo," an easy-in-the-saddle tune and lyric with a yodel interlude, and "Loser Friendly," a ballad in the pure honky-tonk tradition. But the song that grips the crowd and tear-swells the eyes is "Riding with Private Malone." We didn't let anyone in and out of the house for the rest of the week without saying, "You've got to hear this!"

Every fan wants to hear his hits - and David didn't disappoint us. He gave us "Thinkin' Problem," "Look What Followed Me Home," "Watching My Baby Not Coming Back" ..... just the man and his guitar, proving what a master he is. No enhancements needed.

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