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Freddy Fender

"The Grand Ole Opry tends to draw a polite and reserved audience. For that reason, it was pleasantly surprising to see Freddy Fender bring the audience to its feet with dynamic renditions of Wasted Days & Wasted Nights and Before The Next Teardrop Falls on Saturday night's TV telecast of the show." (Source: Bill Miller, Editor, Blue Chip Radio Report - 3/99)

Baldemar G. Huerta was born in south Texas border town of San Benito. He made up his stage name of Freddy Fender in the late fifties because he thought it would help his music "sell better with gringos". Fender came from the neck of his guitar. "Freddy just sounded good", he notes. At the age of ten, his family migrated north to "work beets in Michigan, pickles in Ohio, baled hay and picked tomatoes in Indiana. When that was over came cotton picking time in Arkansas. All we really had to look forward to was making enough money to have a good Christmas back home, where somehow I'd always manage to get my mother to buy me a guitar if the old one was worn out."

At the age of sixteen he dropped out of high school and joined the Marines for three years. The mid-fifties found him back in San Benito playing in bars and Chicano dances. In 1959 he had his first hit with Wasted Days and Wasted Nights but circumstance and bad luck prevented him from having another hit until the release of Before the Next Teardrop Falls in 1974. In April of 1975, Teardrop reached Number One on Billboard's pop and country charts. He remade Wasted Days... which quickly became a hit all over again. Secret Love, and You'll Lose A Good Thing also became hits. Billboard named Freddy Fender as their "Best Male Artist of 1975" and the Gavin Report honored him with the best single, and the best album, of the year. Finally, after twenty years - Freddy Fender was an "over-night success".

Today, Freddy Fender is busier than ever. He is managing his own career and his lovely wife, Vangie, acts as his publicist and booking agent. Look for Freddy to be appearing near you.

Price Range: Please inquire.

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