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Craig Hawksley

Craig works with organizations who want to energize their meetings with humor, because when people are laughing, they're learning!

What clients have to say..

When you're planning a corporate event and you want a comedian who's funny, clean and professional, do what I did ...hire Craig Hawksley.

Jeff Foxworthy, Comedian

I appreciate working with a professional who takes the time to attend the run-through and prepare in advance. You heightened the energy level of our show with your enthusiasm and wit.

Shelly Stengel, Home Builders Association

Performing in front of this type of audience was a challenge in itself and you were successful with enerergizing our group at 8:30 in the morning!

Alice Kopfensteiner, MasterCard International

Thanks for sharing your extraordinary talents with us. It was an evening of warmth, laughter and sharing. I'm still feeling the emotional high it brought.

Sr. Mary Jean Ryan, FSM SSM Healthcare Systems

Everyone loved your routine and you made me a hero. You're the best!

Jerry Rombach, Illinois Home Builders

It was by far the best event that Six Flags has seen. 1 would not hesitate to bring you aboard to entertain any of my clients. You are a true gem!

Libby Nolan, Six Flags/Image Matters, Inc.

You were hysterical, but more important you are a friend.

Bob Costas, Sportscaster

Craig's Programs...

If you want a meeting that is a true event-not merely a meeting-consider the following:

Clean, clever and funny after dinner entertainment keynote

Unique "put-on speaker"-a comedy imposter who will be a hilarious hoax

Master of Ceremonies who is truly a Master of Ceremonies

Kick off your morning sessions with something better than caffeine ...HUMOR

Jump-start your program back to life after lunch

A partner program that will please everyone

A wrap up program that will make your meeting end with an exclamation point, not a period

Dare to show your employees that you're not the grouch they think you are by using one of Craig's programs.

Craig started his speaking business after years of working as a stand-up comedian, comedy writer and actor. Clients include Bob Costas Cancer Center, Ronald McDonald House, MasterCard International, United Van Lines, Amoco, Cadillac, Dr. Pepper, Boy Scouts of America, Fraternal Order of Police, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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