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Bob Higa

Today we are all required to produce greater value, faster, with fewer resources. Customers and business partners are looking for instant solutions to fulfill their needs, one might say there are magical expectations! Yet, organizations and their people are creating magic on a daily basis!

Bob Higa knows there is no Magic in making the magic happen and the power lies in the partnerships we form and the knowledge we gain. Genuine magic happens when reality exceeds expectations, says Higa. Whether the issue is decision making, creating innovative products, problem solving, or customer service...we all have the ability to exceed expectations.

Higa's unique ability to approach these subjects intelligently and to underscore their value through magic is both impressive and memorable.

Like many of us, Bob Higa, has worn many hats in life and is someone who is constantly thinking outside the box. He is an accomplished performer with TV appearances, headlining in Las Vegas at the Tropicana's Folies Bergere and Atlantic City's Bally's Park Place, plus opening for several popular celebrities.

Yet, he is educated in Marketing & Business Administration, has 20 years experience in sales, management, marketing and customer service. Bob Higa has gained a reputation for his dramatic and inspiring program, combining business issues with his magic.

Higa addresses each group individually strengthening and elaborating on each client's philosophy. Combining a strong message with exciting magic leaves ore than an exhilarating feeling, it leaves a lasting impression.


Customer Service

Price Range: $7,500 to $10,000

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