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Franz Harary

Incorporating a life-long love of both music and magic, Harary became well-know throughout his home state of Michigan as an extraordinary boy who could dazzle crowds with large scale illusions.

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Harary's fascination with magic began in his youth, as did his avid interest in the arts. "I did plays and productions from elementary school right through college." Harary says. He Attended eastern Michigan University on a classical voice and music scholarship. While in the Michigan Marching Band, Harary convinced the director to let him merge his passions for music and magic by designing illusions as part of the half-time shows. Harary once made the trumpet section vanish from the 20 yard line and reappear at the opposite end of the football field. He also levitated a young lad at mid-field. Since then, his magic has been featured at countless sporting events including the 1983 Rose Bowl and the 1989 Super bowl. In 1983 Harary's career skyrocketed when he sent a videotape "cold" to superstar Michael Jackson. The material so impressed the singer that a quick meeting was arranged and Harary found himself the designer of all of the illusions Jackson utilized for the famous 1984 "Jackson's Victory Tour" Since working with Jackson, Harary's credits have come to read like a veritable who's who of today's pop music industry. His clients include Janet Jackson, Alice Cooper, Bobby Brown, MC Hammer, Tina Turner, Earth, Wind and Fire as well as countless others. Harary has single handedly brought back magic as a viable element in today's live concert productions. Since deciding in 1987 to begin performing live himself, Harary has appeared on television programs worldwide. In the United States, his appearances have included "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous", " Circus of the Stars, ABC's "Sea World Special" and many others. He has also guest stared on numerous television specials in Japan, the UK, Belgium, Mexico and Italy. Franz has starred own his own one hour television specials in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. In Indonesia, he also guest-starred on the #1 sitcom in that country. That episode was the highest rated program ever in the history of the show. Explaining his unprecedented marriage of magic & pop music, Harary says, "I think MTV's presence has been one of the most important reason why magic has become such a viable element in rock shows. Magic can satisfy the public's craving to see the same feats of technology and imagination on stage that artists freely use in their music videos."As for the future of the art form, Harary continues to bend, twist and change it, developing new principles and bringing the phenomenon to higher levels. "The magical arts have lain virtually unchanged for over 30 years." he says. "It's time to bring them up to the level of sophistication, popularity and acceptance that film, video and music now enjoy. I believe it's up to me to make that happen."

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