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The Venturas

Here is a band that can cover a range of music unparalleled by most others. The band’s core has been solid for ten years. Their newest additions have given the group a sound that can please all ages as well as large variety of performance situations. The Venturas can specialize their sets for a swing dance, a blues festival, a jazz gig, or a hot rockin’ dance club. This versatility has allowed the group to play in so many venues leaving their audiences and clients satisfied.

From the music of the thirties through today, these musicians bring a wealth of experience that gives every song a unique sound. Based out of the Sarasota, Florida area, they have worked all over the state. The band is fronted by Ally Couch, a beautiful singer with great stage presence who has been singing her whole life. Backed by Greg Poulos on guitar, Eddie Tobin on keys, J.P. Coley on acoustic and electric bass, and Art Siegel on drums, this group is hot & cool. Check out one of their shows to see and hear a music ensemble that is sure to please.

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