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Greg Schwem

Whether it's a sales meeting, an awards dinner or simply an event that needs some laughter, Greg Schwem is ready to bring his custom brand of CORPORATE COMEDY, EMCEE SKILLS or MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING to your next event. Audiences coast to coast have laughed at “Comedy With a Byte,” Greg’s corporate comedy includes hilarious observations on technology and the business world. Full of clean, “business humor”, Greg and Comedy With a Byte skewer technical support lines, monotonous business meetings, acronyms, “frequently” asked questions, e-commerce, cell phone addiction and that annoying guy in every office who always sends two word e-mails! Unlike many speakers, Greg researches every audience and customizes material so no two shows are alike. Combining inoffensive comedy with lightning fast ad-lib skills, Greg takes his audiences on hilarious tours through their work environments. Greg knows the best way to motivate is to laugh at life’s everyday occurrences. Employees from companies such as McDonald’s, Motorola, Siemens, AT&T and Sprint PCS now know it too! A

former NBC television reporter, Greg has numerous national television appearances to his credit and has shared the concert stage with the likes of Celine Dion, Jay Leno and LeAnn Rimes. His business humor has also made him a sought after master of ceremonies.

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