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Mark Chestnutt

Born September 6, 1963 in Beaumont, Texas, Chestnutt got his start in the areaís honky tonks. Learning from his father, Bob Chestnutt, a locally popular singer and avid fan of classic country music, son Mark embraced his fatherís influence. Joining his father band at age 15, Chestnutt began making a name for himself.

After about a decade of recording on regional labels, Chestnutt was signed to MCA Nashville in 1989. The title track from Chestnuttís 1990 release of Too Cold at Home made it to number three on Billboardís country charts and earned him the coveted CMA Horizon Award.

That recognition and initial success has segued into four platinum albums, five gold records, 14 number one hits, and 23 top ten singles. The list seems endless, but fans will recognize "Brother Jukebox," "Blame it on Texas," "Your Love is a Miracle," "Bubba Shot the Jukebox," "Iíll Think of Something," "Almost Goodbye," "I Just Wanted You to Know," "It Sure is Monday," "Old Country," "Goiní Through the Big D," "She Dreams," "Gonna Get a Life," "Itís a Little Too Late," "Thank God for Believers," "I Donít Want to Miss a Thing," and "She Was."

Known as one of the industryís hardest-working concert performers, Chestnutt has said being on stage is what he truly loves the most. "I just make records because I want people to come see my show," Chestnutt said. "Just listening to music is great, but Iíve got to be out there on stage making it."

Married in 1992, Chestnutt and his wife, Tracie, have three sons, Waylon, Casey and Cameron

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