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John Pinette

Keep your eyes focused on the local comedy clubs, the showrooms of Las Vegas, Atlantic City Casinos, and the TV screen because you can't miss JOHN PINETTE. He has co-starred in the Warner Bros. feature film Reckless Kelly with Yahoo Serious, as well as the upcoming Fox television movie Revenge of the Nerds TV. He also starred in Fox's sitcom Vinne and Bobby before becoming a series regular on Fox's hit series Parker Lewis. He performs on A&E's Evening at the Improv, Caroline's Comedy Hour, Fox Television's Comic Strip Live, Showtime's Comedy Club Allstars, and the MTV Half Hour Comedy Hour. John is often stopped on the street and asked to do his MTV famous "Rock-N-Roll Chipmunks" or his signature "You go now" routine. One might start to get the impression John Pinette will soon be a household name.

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