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T. P. Mulrooney

T.P. Mulrooney has made his mark on American comedy by mixing an animated persona with high sensibility humor. Showtime, HBO, the major networks and Comedy Central have all showcased Mulrooney's talent for personalizing and humanizing his observations. He's even displayed on the "Wall of Fame" at the legendary Comedy Store in Hollywood. But his twelve years of experience performing for the meetings market told him to delve for the common thread running through every corporate group. More and more, he was discovering that commonality was golf.

Now, as "The Golf Comic," Mulrooney uses his characters and impressions in a fresh approach to golf comedy. The ability to be funny about the game without making fun of the game has made him a favorite of clients such as Sun Microsystems, McDonald's, FannieMae, and Bayer, as well as the golf industry's biggest names, including The Golf Channel, the PGA and Senior PGA Tours.

The connection "The Golf Comic" makes with his audience members can't be matched by a general topic entertainer or speaker. Mulrooney says from experience, "I learned that the most masterfully designed sales incentive program is no match for the typical amateur golfer's incentive to play a better round of golf. The sales incentive may go as deep as his pocketbook, but golf is in his soul."

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