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Richard Jeni

Star of four (4) HBO Comedy Specials, receiving an ACE Award for “Richard Jeni: Platypus Man”. Former star of his own the television sitcom, "Platypus Man", and 1993 American Comedy Award winner as Best Male Stand-Up Comedian. He’s flat-out hilarious. Richard “The Platypus Man” Jeni is THE comic: witty, multi-faceted, your stomach cramps from laughing funny. Richard Jeni is more than just a comedian. He’s also a producer, writer, movie star, comedy host, ad-man, guest star and more. He’s won Cable Ace Awards, Clios and American Comedy Awards. Plus, he holds the record for most appearances for a comedian on The Tonight Show, appearing with Johnny Carson and Jay Leno.

You’ve seen him hosting Caroline’s Comedy Hour on A&E, in two HBO Comedy Hours, two Showtime Comedy Specials, as Jim Carrey’s sidekick in The Mask, and scattered across television on E!, Regis and Kathie Lee, Access Hollywood, Oprah and more. Audiences should thank Jeni’s dad for contributing to his comedic aspirations. As a child Jeni imitated his father’s comedy albums in an attempt to bond with him, sneaking into his father’s stash of forbidden albums for the dirty jokes. Jeni, a self proclaimed street-corner jester, says he got into comedy the same way a girl gets into prostitution. “You start out doing it for a few close friends, then you move on to larger groups, then you figure, hey, I might as well get paid for it.” He started on the road to getting paid for laughs at 24 and has been a rising star ever since. You won’t want to miss Jeni’s thoughts on topics like smoking in L.A., blind dates and men wearing Speedos.

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