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Andra-Philipp Gagnon

He was just a young hopeful when he did his very first impressionÖ five years young! From those early years when he discovered what a joy it was to make others laugh, to present times where he as grown his repertoire to over 400 impersonations, AndrÈ-Philippe has tickled audiences in over 11 countries, in two languages, performing more than 3,500 shows, in front of over 5 million peopleÖ and he still enjoys doing it today with the same excited enthusiasm he had when he was five!

Born in Quebec City, Canada, AndrÈ-Philippe grew up like all the other boys in the neighborhood. He loved to play sports, loved to laugh, loved to play sports, loved music, loved to play sports, loved to tell jokes, and he loved to play sports! While he spent a good deal of time on the hockey rinks and baseball diamonds, he got an extra-special kick out of imitating celebrities to make his friends and family laugh. He found out very early on in life that his natural talent was something that others enjoyed listening to as much as he enjoyed exploring it.

He began performing in talent shows and Festivals and before too long; he became one of the hottest performers in Canada, playing sold-out shows across the country. One of his biggest breaks came in the mid-eighties when he appeared at the world ñrenowned comedy festival "Just For Laughs" in Montreal. After that show, he was invited to appear on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, where he performed a "signature" song, his version of the famine-relief anthem "We Are The World", doing every singer on the song ñ eighteen famous voices in one composition. American audiences discovered AndrÈ-Philippe's incredible versatility and it would simply be a matter of time before he would return to the US and expand his horizons.

Prior to his engagement at the Venetian, AndrÈ-Philippe had been on tour with his own band, performing across Canada and around the world. He then joined the Tour of international singing star Celine Dion, entertaining millions of fans from Australia to Europe and throughout the United States. His two recent performances at the Stade de France in Paris proved once again AndrÈ-Philippeís unique charisma and talent with 90,000 people giving him a standing ovation each night.

Today, AndrÈ-Philippe entertains nightly at his permanent home at C2KÖ the showroom at the Venetian. He is so happy to be settled in Las Vegas, where he gets to spend more time with his wife Marie-Claude and two children, Camille and Jules, playing tennis and golf; the whole family is now fully equipped with golf gear!

Less than three months after his Las Vegas debut, AndrÈ-Philippe was named "1999 Best of the Best -Newcomer of the Year" by the magazine Gaming Today. With his incredible stage presence and universal humor, this is only the beginning!

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