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David Copperfield

The youngest person ever to be admitted to the Society of American Magicians. At age sixteen, he taught magic at New York University.

David started his magician career billed as "Davino, Boy Magician" One of his teachers back in New Jersey school days was ABC News correspondent Judy Muller.

Appeared on the Conan Obrien show where he presented his collection of turn-of-the-century prank devices. One, a paddle that when used to spank someone exploded powder, was used incorrectly by host Obrien. Copperfields pants (and behind) caught on fire, an accident from which he still carries a scar.

In 1993 David was doing an on-stage illusion in which he weightlessly flew with a lady from the audience in his arms. His flight illusion was considered by experts and historians of magic to be the greatest illusion ever performed on stage.

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