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The Four Aces

Danny Colingo - Harry Heisler Fred Diodati - Joe Giglio Since the early 1950s, the Four Aces have been internationally acclaimed as a group who has not only produced some of the most beautiful vocal renderings ever, but for being superb showmen as well. This combination, not always so easy to come by, has been more than amply carried over by the current group, which have been the only replacements for the originals... not bad for over thirty years of continuous performance!

Known the World Over The S.S. Norway...NCL Cruise Lines The Excelsior Hotel...Hong Kong The Sun Theatre...Seoul, Korea The Leagues Clubs...Australia The Sahara Hotels...Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe The Fairmont Hotel...Dallas The Playboy Clubs...Great Gorge and Dallas The Blue Max...Chicago The Pfister Hotel...Milwaukee Some Hits Include Three Coins in a Fountain Tell Me Why Sin Sincerely Shangri-La Love is a Many Splendored Thing Stranger in Paradise Dream Perfidia Woman in Love

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