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Dan Riley

Dan Riley combines his incredible voice with wild vocal sound effects, amazing guitar work and a delightfully wacked-out sense of humor! He is best-known for his brilliant music parodies. As he explains it in his act: "I take other people's perfectly good songs and ruin them for profit!" From Elvis, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin to Aerosmith, Ricky Martin and the Backstreet Boys - nobody escapes Dan's lyric-twisting. He loads his shows with original stand-up comedy as well, making him one of the most versatile acts around.

Looking for someone with a proven track record?? Look no further!

Dan has performed around the world for Corporate Conventions, for Cruise audiences, starring in his own show on National Television, and in Concert with the biggest stars in show business. While appearing at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, Dan received this review:

"There are few things as enjoyable as a performer who has so much depth you find yourself trying to decide whether it is his comedy or his music you like more."

Need an act who can entertain without offending?? Now you're talking---that's Dan Riley's specialty!

One of the secrets to Dan's great success has been an uncompromising policy of offering shows the whole family can enjoy. Witness to this is his long list of Corporate Clients, which includes companies with some of the strictest standards in the world. Dan never misses... and never offends.

This rare blend of music, energy and hilarious, clean comedy makes Dan Riley "the best bet in the business"!

Price Range: Please inquire.

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