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Rita Rudner

Rita Rudner is the only child of witty parents but until the age of twenty-five she showed no wit. Up til then, she talked with her feet by dancing in six Broadway shows, the names of which she's keeping under wraps.

By standing in front of inebriated strangers late at night and talking into a microphone, Rita honed her comic standup routine. She's not sure why she changed careers from chorus girl to comedian, and claims she forgot to ask while in therapy.

"Rita Rudner's One Night Stand," her first solo HBO special, was nominated for two Ace Awards. Rita's two one hour HBO specials "Born to Be Mild" and "Married Without Children," had through-the-roof ratings. Two of Rita's best-selling books, "Naked Beneath My Clothes" and "Rita Rudner's Guide to Men," have been quoted extensively on the internet in English and in languages she will never understand.

Rita's dry wit and how she spells it out in everyday language keeps the audience laughing all night long. Her adept skill at seeing everyday life and showing us how truly funny it actually is, keeps fans flocking to her shows.

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