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Please take a few moments to peruse some of Dick's favorite speakers and entertainers!

Jeff Trachta

A frequent headliner with the Harrah’s Corporation, Jeff Trachta is one of the most sought-after performers in the corporate market.

His hilarious and heartfelt one-man show, Jeff Trachta Live! blends music, comedy and impressions with classic showmanship. The result is an entertainment experience that connects perfectly with every audience.

After earning worldwide fame in his starring role of “Thorne” on the CBS daytime drama, The Bold and the Beautiful, Jeff Trachta has taken his versatile talents to the stage with this one-man multimedia show, highlighting his leading man good looks, laser-sharp comedic timing and vocal skills that have earned him starring roles on Broadway.

From the opening number where Trachta surrounds himself with a hundred member gospel choir (all played by Trachta himself through the magic of multimedia), to a salute to Classic TV and a moving medley of timeless rock ballads, Trachta packs this hilarious and heartwarming show with something to please everyone.

Nick Stellino

Nick Stellino celebrates his 10th year of cooking on public television with an all-new season of classic Italian recipes on "Nick Stellino's Family Kitchen V." The dishes may taste as though they've been simmering all day, but Nick takes one of America's most popular ethnic cuisines and makes it easy, quick and fun for viewers to prepare at home.
Park Avenue

Raising the Bar for What a Party Band Should Be! America's Hottest Party Band Is Tearing It Up Coast-to-Coast!

The Four Aces

Danny Colingo - Harry Heisler Fred Diodati - Joe Giglio Since the early 1950s, the Four Aces have been internationally acclaimed as a group who has not only produced some of the most beautiful vocal renderings ever, but for being superb showmen as well. This combination, not always so easy to come by, has been more than amply carried over by the current group, which have been the only replacements for the originals... not bad for over thirty years of continuous performance!
Steve DePass

"America's Singing Poet"

Steve DePass is a master of improvisation. He is a poet, a singer and a composer. He actually invents songs on the spot, including from topics suggested by his audience. His songs are witty, poignant, satirical, humorous or philosophical and often consist of complicated rhymes and sophisticated ideas.

Tortuga Twins

Who Are The Tortuga Twins?

The Tortuga Twins are a multi-talented comedy troupe with an extensive performance background. They perform a wide variety of audience participation comedy, interactive comedy, and physical comedy shows, as well as stage combat, stunts, and interactive characters. They can provide a number of pre-packaged characters, scenarios, and shows or they can tailor a show to fit the theme of your production or event.

Ricky Kalmon


Your Audience Will Be Thoroughly Entertained! And A Few Will Fall Asleep!

Well, not really asleep, but rather into a deep, relaxed state, an escape from reality. Ricky Kalmon has become one of the hottest corporate entertainers in the country. His "Vacation of the Mind" show takes the traditional hypnosis act to a new level with an MTV style and a Comedy Central appeal.

Dick Hardwick

Showing amazing versatility, Hardwick is likely to show up anywhere - a comedy club or a state fair, a corporate event or a television show, a stage as an award-winning musician or a big screen at the local theater, the Grand Ole Opry or the Palladium, a riverboat or a rodeo.

Amy Borkowski

First, there was Amy*s highly-praised CD . . . "Thanks to this CD [Amy's Answering Machine], full-grown and perfectly independent adults whose mothers worry about them as if they were still children can find comfort in the fact that they are not alone." - The New York Times "Laugh your head off...hilarious!" - Cosmopolitan
Wayland Pickard


Numerous Concert Halls, Performing Arts Series & Colleges. Also many private and Corporate events throughout the country including: the A.M.A., Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, California Republican Party and the Children's Miracle Network Telethon. Cruise ship tours include: Nowegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean Cruises. Opening act for Phyllis Diller, Dionne Warwick, Adrienne Barbeau, Fred Travalena & numerous other artists. Also toured with Andy Williams, Phoebe Snow, Carol Lawrence, John Davidson & Mitzi Gaynor.

Craig Hawksley

Craig works with organizations who want to energize their meetings with humor, because when people are laughing, they're learning!
Toni Morrell

Toni Morrell Singer - Entertainer - Comedienne FROM ENGLAND - THE ULTIMATE CONCERT PERFORMER A "fab" singer oozing with sensuality, energy and a wicked British wit, Toni is an amazing entertainer! Weaving her magic with her ingenious onstage Musical Director, David Dial, she will grab your attention, earn your respect and win your heart.

If you could toss the unique talents of Garland, Minnelli, Lucy, Carol Burnett and a pinch of Dame Edna into a blender . . . you'd end up with a delightful serving of Toni Morrell.

An unforgettable, multi-media concert event! Watch Video: www.tonimorrell.net

Fred Francis

FRED FRANCIS Journalist Lecturer Media Consultant
Dean Christopher

THE RAT PACK & MORE With over 30 years experience as an actor, singer, comedian, impressionist, a member of Actor's Equity, AFTRA, and Screen Actors Guild, Dean Christopher's stage, film, and television resume is extensive. He got his start at local clubs in his hometown of St. Louis, such as The Sting, The Speakeasy and the Playboy Club, with an act consisting of singing, comedy and impressions of personalities and singers. While Dean had grown up with rock, his preference was the type of music the Rat Pack had been doing in Las Vegas.

Ada Maris

Ada Maris not only delights audiences with her funny songs and sketches, she touches the heart with her real-life stories. Ada is a well known TV actress, a comic-entertainer, singer, and more!
The Venturas

Here is a band that can cover a range of music unparalleled by most others. The band’s core has been solid for ten years. Their newest additions have given the group a sound that can please all ages as well as large variety of performance situations. The Venturas can specialize their sets for a swing dance, a blues festival, a jazz gig, or a hot rockin’ dance club. This versatility has allowed the group to play in so many venues leaving their audiences and clients satisfied.

From the music of the thirties through today, these musicians bring a wealth of experience that gives every song a unique sound. Based out of the Sarasota, Florida area, they have worked all over the state. The band is fronted by Ally Couch, a beautiful singer with great stage presence who has been singing her whole life. Backed by Greg Poulos on guitar, Eddie Tobin on keys, J.P. Coley on acoustic and electric bass, and Art Siegel on drums, this group is hot & cool. Check out one of their shows to see and hear a music ensemble that is sure to please.

Michael Grandinetti

Audiences around the country have hailed Michael Grandinetti as a very talented and creative illusionist. Over the years, his incredible magic has been featured on "Entertainment Tonight", "New York Today", "FOX & Friends", "Crook & Chase", "The Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon", and the NBC television special "The World's Most Dangerous Magic II". In addition, Michael has created and developed custom magic presentations for major corporations including Hewlett Packard, Countrywide, Harley-Davidson, The Pittsburgh Pirates and Bayer and designed original illusions for Las Vegas and Branson production shows, national film and television projects, and for the series "Paolo Limiti" in Italy.
Big Night Out

Big Night Out is a 7 piece tropical style dance band who perform a blend of Latin, Caribbean, Funk and Motown dance music. An explosive horn section and a pulsing conga add to the bouncing rhythm section and passionate multi lingual vocals.

MP3 Sound Samples

Corazon Espinado
Groove Is In The Heart
Cold Duck Time
Pigeon Club
At Last

Jerrery Porro
A great speech doesn’t just engage the mind, It opens eyes, touches hearts and awakens the spirit. A great speech starts with you, a speaker who’s willing to share some of him- or herself – personal history, a cherished cause, a point of view that defies conventional wisdom. It comes to life when you find a writer with the skill to weave an argument, the talent to capture a voice and the empathy to evoke the speaker’s passion.

Wayland Pickard

This award-winning Entertainer, Singer, Impressionist, Instrumentalist and Humorist is a true “Renaissance Man”. A National Recording Artist, Songwriter, Composer, Actor, Author, Lecturer, Film Maker and Stage Performer… this multi-talent from Hollywood has done it all! His unique versatility of combining music & comedy has made him a hit around the country.
Dr Terry Grossman

Terry Grossman, MD World’s Leading Medical Authority on Anti-Aging and Life Extension Speaking Topics Radically Increase Your Lifespan By Slowing the Aging Process • Reduce the chance of natural death to virtually zero • The many factors that cause you to age too quickly • Detect ALL types of cancer at the earliest treatable stages • Alter genetic and genomic predispositions to disease • Stem cell therapies available today • Optimize lifestyle choices to live long enough to live forever • Hormone optimization to maximize health • Exercise programs for life extension • How the coming biotech and nanotech revolutions will change everything Dr. Terry Grossman will not only entertain your audience, but also motivate them to make life-changing decisions in order to live forever. Dr. Grossman is a seasoned and popular public speaker who delivers the following qualities in his public appearances: • Customizes his speeches to complement each audience he addresses • Provides his audience with practical, at-home action plans to restore their youthfulness and live longer • Translates complex topics such as biotechnology and genetics into easy-to-understand anti-aging strategies • A captivating story-teller • Humorous and down-to-earth • Inspires people to embrace the idea of longer life “Humanity stands on the verge of radical increases in longevity.” - Dr. Terry Grossman
Rick Sammon

Life Lessons We Can Learn

From Mother Nature

A motivational talk by Rick Sammon

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